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Healthy Hair is a way of life

November 12, 2019


So check this out. Everyone wants healthy, growing, hydrated, soft and luxurious hair right?. But what are YOU doing to achieve this? 


Not everyone will have Rapunzel hair down to their feet, but not everyone is after LENGTH either .We all have different definitions for "GOOD" hair. I'm personally sick of that term. It can actually be very dividing. “GOOD” hair can be whatever you define as “GOOD”. For me personally, HEALTHY HAIR IS GOOD HAIR. 🤷🏾‍♀️It can be short, long, kinky, kinky curly, wavy, curly, straight, thin, thick, grey, black, or red., as long as it’s healthy, it’s GOOD hair PERIOD. 


But what I can tell you is, dry, brittle, breaking , flaky, split ends, over processed, neglected, limp see through ends is NOT GOOD HAIR. Although, genetics play a major role in how your hair is, the way you live as well as the way you care for yourself and hair plays the next major roll in hair health. You can buy the most expensive products, the best shampoo, ect, but if your not eating vegetables, drinking water, exercising regularly, you will just chase your tail trying to find the solution. 




Good hair starts with in. Whatever you put in shows in your skin, hair and your entire body. A healthy diet is the main ingredient in being healthy PERIOD! If your diet consist of cheese doodles and soda, it will show in your hairs health.Slow growing, sometimes dry dehydrated, and starving skin and hair. 



exercise cuts down on stress, stress can cause hair loss. It also stimulates blood flow, produces sweat that rids the body of toxins. Work out! 




Deep conditioners

I dont know why some clients refuse to add deep conditioners to their regimin! Our hair is exposed  to heat, dry air,cold weather,  blow drying, hot styling tools and just plain old weather!  Deep donditioning and hot oil treatments will keep your hair shiny and soft. But this  doesnt happen overnight.




Hair cuts

Stop holding on to those dead ends!!!!!!  It looks ridicoulous. Its like not cutting the rotten part of fruit, 



















































































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