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Thinking about getting crochet braids?

Ladies, always bring enough hair for your service. I braid your hair in a pattern based on how much hair you bring. If you bring a lot of crochet hair I make A LOT OF BRAIDS. If you bring a small amount of braiding hair, I make a little bit of braids. After a few weeks the smaller amount of braids will be bigger braids and they will grow far apart and divide faster then small braids .

This is mathematical for me. For example, I like 6 packs of hair, I want to make it even... 3 in the front and 3 in the back. As a stylist, I am an artist, chemist, measuring formulas, counting hair bundles and packs as well as measuring my time. Everything I do is skill, math, time, ect.

I’m a phone call or text away when you need help picking the amount of hair needed. (just don’t wait until your in the store and I’m off that day or with another client) You can always ask the sales person at the beauty supply store to give you advice on how many packs of hair you will need to get a certain look.

Your crochet style will cost you anywhere between $65-$140. This all depends on what you want. Please make sure you book the right service (for time purposes).

Thank you❤️