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Note: No booking fee is needed if you rebook BEFORE YOU LEAVE your current appointment! Plan plan!

I listen and learn… some clients do not like paying a $25 booking fee/deposit (even tho it goes toward your service……

We have to protect our time and money, so booking fees protect us from chronic no shows and scam likelys….

If you know for certain you plan on being at your appointment for special occasion or just because your hair is important to you, by all means book online 24/7. If you have to cancel before 24 hours then your money is refunded to you.

You can also take a chance and walk in, call in, text on the day you want and just come in. The $25 is not being forced on you for kicks and giggles. If you shop online, Uber, Instacart, Grubhub, Macys and Amazon….. why the tears for a the salon?

As a best practice, you should book a consultation for all chemical services, and braids if you have never received that service here.

So remember, if I am not completely booked, I go to the beach! Lol


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