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Maintaining your Silkpress


I am sharing a video for you below.. A few of my clients have expressed difficulty maintaining their hair after leaving my shop. My delivery must be off because a few of you are struggling to maintain your hair until your next appointment to reduce breakage during these winter months.

Rap your hair every night! Use a silk or satin scarf, make sure it’s secure.

Use a shower cap or plastic cap when you shower.

If you work out (gym), rap your hair and use cool blow dryer to remove moisture after your done.

ONLY oil your SCALP one a week IF THAT. Do you shampoo everyday? Probably NO, so there is no need to constantly oil and grease your actual hair everyday. Quick question for you: Do you put lotion on your body without even taking a shower? Of course not! The same way you take a shower everyday, and re apply lotion because you JUST washed it off is the same logic. In my opinion there is no need to overly oil and grease your scalp 50 times a week.

If you feel your scalp is dry after only a few days? You should deep condition or hot oil treat your hair EACH AND EVERYTIME you shampoo. If that doesn’t work, you should see a dermatologist, drink more water, take vitamins and exercise.

Also, remember that medications can cause hair and scalp issues. Talk to your doctor about your medications possible side affects on your skin and hair.

Dont comb and brush your hair so much. Leave it alone! Rap it at night, take it down in the day with wide tooth comb or your fingers and leave it alone. Excessive combing and brushing just causes breakage. Put the comb and brush DOWN!

Dont skip deep conditioners!!!! When you shower you apply lotion afterwards right? Hair is an appendage of the skin! Treat it as such.

Treat your healthy hair “journey“ exactly as it is! A journey!

Think of deep conditioning as you would treat anything else that only works with TIME! PATIENCE AND RESPECT! Just like a mere one day of school will not give you a degree, one day at the gym wont drop you 29 pounds, one day of antibiotics will not clear your infection.........,,one hair treatment will not repair poor hair health created over the years in one deep conditioner. JOURNEY. One thing people live to do is skip trims trying to maintain length 🙄...Dont skip trims! If you see your hair thin here, thick there, you need a trim. Split ends are hair killers to me. ESPECIALLY if your not doing all of the above!!!

Another hair killer.......Stop wearing tight ponytails, tight weaves, tight braids, high collar coats if you can. it’s difficult to grow back hair after traction alopecia. If its too tight say something.

Stop applying your own chemicals! 😡 No box colors and no box relaxers! And if you do, let me know. I could be putting a relaxer over a color and then you will say I broke your hair off. Stop it. It will eventually catch up with you.

I appreciate all of my clients. I want you to get the best of the best. I only use professional products on your hair, I advise each person according to their situation. to Me it’s not that hard.

You basically have a personal stylist in DHB. If you need a product, a wig, hair accessories, advice, just let me know and we can set it up! I am the only stylist in the shop, so I dont keep wigs, weave hair or accessories around because they usually sit, rot & die years before anyone buys them. I am not a good salesperson, you either want it or not. I don’t spend your money you do.

So with all that being said, I only recommend salon quality products.




ect. xoxoxox

Enjoy the video, this young lady keeps the same Silkpress for one month as so some of my clients.


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