Covid 19 (Corona) update

Hey everyone!

I have struggled on what to think, say, understand and actually BELIEVE about what's going on with this viral virus, but it's here and its real.

I didn't want to make announcements, predictions or give my MANY opinions because it can get very controversial. I am so sick of watching the news and seeing corona corona down my personal facebook page. But you have to watch to the news to see what going on at least once a day.

I don't know when NJ will be cleared to work. Only essential businesses are open. I don't need the attention on my shop and believe me, people will call and report me. I don't feel like being pulled over for working and fined. When we go out for food, its like a ghost town, really erie.

If you need anything just text me or email me. I can have hair care kits mailed out to you to keep hair clean and healthy. You can also purchase a wig or clip ins to hold you over until this crisis is calmed down.

Please be safe. A lot of my clients are in the healthcare field. I want to give thanks to you for choosing a career that heals and helps people.... but we are all at risk. We can't risk our seniors, the sick and ourselves, it's just not worth it. It can wait.

Please book your appointments now for April just in case we are cleared.

Feel free to comment below and I miss you guys!! This is so sad.


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