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I heard there may be snow tomorrow. I plan on being in tomorrow unless it’s really heavy and blinding like the other day.

Every since Covid hit last year, cancellation fees have been suspended.

Please reschedule online if you are unable to make it, or call/text 856-617-6397.

Some clients have technical issues downloading the Wix app when making and cancelling appointments. Please know, it’s very easy to book online by going directly to the website. The Wix app just keeps all your bookings/history in one place and doesn’t constantly create duplicate files for the same person over and over again and over again, making you receive duplicate emails during email promos.

if the wix app is malfunctioning, please CC me in an email to Please let them know what issues you are having with the app, so the next time booking on your appointment can go smoothly.

thank you

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